Bongani Maposa is an author, life, relationship, and finance coach, corporate speaker, and preacher. He was born as the fourth of five children in rural South Africa in 1987 and was raised by a single mother after his parents divorced in 1996. He has a diploma in marketing management and extensive expertise in corporate sales and business management.


He is currently the director of his own personal development and publishing business [4am Prayer and Coaching Institute], registered in 2023, which oversaw the publishing of his first of four books, titled, ‘’35 and Married 15 Times – The Biblical Truth about Marriage and Sexual Intercourse,’’ in June 2023.

Through his company, he also provides corporate courses, coaching, training, and speaking services in the areas of dating, sex, and marriage, rediscovering your life purposeKingdom finance secrets, and how to sell like an expert.


All books, courses, training, mentorships, and corporate speaking material have been formulated through Biblical and scientific formulas, which have been tried and tested, and guarantee results if applied for the purpose for which they were formulated.


He shares the same vision as his business, which is “restoring hope through coaching, motivation, and the teaching of Biblical kingdom principles.’’ He achieves this through his social media platform with the handle @4amPrayerGang, which in two years has gained over a hundred thousand followers combined on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and X, with TikTok being the biggest platform. He is a born-again Christian devoted to restoring hope through Biblical principles by hosting live Bible study and Prayer sessions every weekday on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram at 4:00am CAT, with a current average daily audience of 300 people.


He also offers non-profit emotional, mental, and spiritual support and counselling services, with the intention of establishing a fully operational and non-profit online support organization to provide the services on a larger scale, as the demand is on a daily increase.

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